Pastor Geri Moore, Senior Pastor, Words of Life Fellowship Church

20051 NE 16th Pl, North Miami Beach, FL 33179

(305) 653-8155

“Although selfishly, we don’t really want to share him :⊃  Myself and Words of Life Church HIGHLY recommend Brian. Excellent Teacher! Solid teaching!! A Word Man!! A man of integrity. A family man. His teaching on Divine Protection is needed now more then ever.  You’re church will be blessed!”  – Pastor Geri Moore

Pastors Jose Ali and Ana Gonzalez,  Centro Cristiano Palabra de Vida Eterna

14754 NE 16th Ave.  North Miami, Florida

(305) 650-1572

“What a wonderful time we had in the Word today. We had CHURCH today. Thank you God and Dr. Brian Miltenberger for sharing the powerful Word of the Blood Covenant with our house. GRACIAS le damos a Dios por este poderoso mensaje que ministro nuestra vidas “Hay Poder en la Sangre de Cristo”(Thank you we give God for this powerful message that minister our lives “there is power in the blood of Christ”) – Pastors Jose Ali and Ana Gonzalez

Rev. John Swint,  Presbyter/Senior Pastor/Founder, Miamisburg Assemblies of God

501 N 9th St.  Miamisburg, Ohio

(937) 384-7981

c. (937) 380-9186

I have known Dr. Brian for most of his life.  I know he is a good man of God who loves the LORD.  He has a strong anointing on his life and will be a blessing to you and your church.”  – Pastor Swint

Dr. Bob Raimondo,  Senior Pastor                              

New Life Family Worship

28330 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982

(941) 639-1700

“This book, Protection: Safety and Dominion in Perilous Times by Dr. Miltenberger can truly teach you how to dwell in safety and have dominion in the perilous times in which we live. These are dangerous times, not only with terrorism in our world, but where people are giving themselves more and more to the influences of darkness in them and choosing to act out from those influences.

As Dr. Miltenberger lays out line upon line we do not have to be affected by these influential forces. We can rise in the power and dominion given to us by Jesus Himself and rule over any weapon the devil tries to use against us. One of the great Psalms of protection in the Bible is Psalm 91. In this literary work the 91st Psalm is masterfully explained with real life testimonies of walking in the deliverance and protection offered to all believers.

As you read this book give careful study and consideration to what is being declared and taught. Meditate on it, keep it in your thinking, mull over it and you will come to the place of faith where you can be continually dwelling in the safety and dominion of Blood Covenant Protection.”

– Dr. Bob Raimondo, Senior Pastor, New Life Family Worship

Dr.  Larry Ollison

Walk on the Water Faith Church

 959 Nichols Rd, Osage Beach, MO 65065

(573) 348-9777

“In his new book, No Weapon, Dr. Brian Miltenberger not only explains the power of the blood of Jesus, but how it is to be applied in the life of a believer to bring victory over the attacks of the enemy.

This book is a masterpiece! It is rare to find such deep theological subjects explained in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand. However, Dr. Miltenberger accomplishes the task. As you begin your journey through the pages of this magnificent book, you will be encouraged and strengthened by the truths revealed. When the principles that Dr. Miltenberger reveals are put into practice, you will experience victories and joy in the knowledge that NO WEAPON formed against you will prosper.

This book is a must read and should be in the library of every serious Christian who wants to walk in the freedom and protection of the blood of Jesus.”

-Dr. Larry Ollison,  Author, Pastor, and International Speaker