Brian Miltenberger was born in Dayton, Ohio.  Brian gave his heart to the LORD at the age of five and his wife, Lena gave her heart to the LORD at age twelve. They were married on November 11th, Veterans Day, 1995 and immediately went together into ministry.

For over 30 years, Brian has been ministering all over the United States reaching many people with God’s Word and His Love.  It is Brian’s desire and calling to reach the unreached.  Over the past 30 years, Brian has been preaching the Gospel to the lost, teaching the Word of God, and ministering God’s power.

Brian has been ministering in prisons, youth ministries, outreaches, schools, conventions, churches, and Bible schools throughout the United States.  The demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders follow Brian’s ministry as he preaches and teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Refuse to regret about yesterday, dread about today, and worry about tomorrow.  God  will fix your yesterday, take care of you today, and will handle your tomorrow.”


“In spite of what is coming, it is vital for you to not be afraid of living in the last days.” 

What you believe about the LORD is what you make the LORD to be in your life”

“No matter how much evil has been in your background, the blood of Jesus has reversed every curse. You are a new creation and you are blessed!”   

“It’s easy to pray on a mountaintop, but when you learn how to pray in a cave, then you’ve learned how to encourage yourself in the Lord’s strength


You will never go wrong when you choose to forgive, but things will always go wrong when you refuse to forgive”

“The world may see you through the eyes of your past, but God sees you through His Son Jesus.”

“Love always protects and God, who is love, always protects His beloved in the secret place.”

When you are trusting in the Lord to fight your battle, you no longer worry and you can say like David, “What can flesh do to me?”

“Faith in the blood of Jesus is our guarantee that we have a blood covenant with God Almighty for divine protection.”

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